Change Salon Standby Pose to current Standby Pose

Please set the the default standing pose in salon to whatever it set for the character's default standby pose.

I start the salon standing like this - 8850f7ae-b84d-4aaa-a70d-7599474d2654-image.png

Test my accessory position standing like this - 3d448846-2930-47ef-94c2-f93591925b52-image.png

And then back out of the motion test standing like this - fd6d5d84-f528-4028-aad0-14586907d1b7-image.png

All of that without ever actually changing my Standby Pose from Simple. Please just set the Salon Pose to whatever the character's Standby Pose is. This is such an unnecessary hassle to constantly have to swap between so many stances while trying to use the Salon just to see if an item is placed correctly.

Thank you for your consideration.

I find this annoying as well I want to pose that is completely straight on none of them are completely

T pose for dominance. Real response, they should have a toggle for allowing you to change your pose to a variety of idle and non idle animations just to make sure everything looks suitable.

Big agree

and also to be able to choose a checkered background and better if it has units of measurement:D

I'm bumping this, because I'm trying to get my accessory position right BUT I CANNOT BECAUSE THE POSES KEEP CHANGING AND IT IS INFURIATING.