Please fix the button mapping for base PSO2 on Xbox

Since the release of NGS the base game on Xbox has the confirm and cancel buttons switched. I was patiently waiting for this to be fixed but nothing happened. I cannot play the base game right now since it messes with my muscle memory. But since NGS has so little content that they even had to add a "finish base PSO2 story" campaign it would have been nice to at least make sure the base game works as intended.

And no, I won't "deal with it" just 20 minutes in base PSO2 mess with me in a way that I keep messing up in base and NGS in the end. I just cannot unlearn hundreds of hours of muscle memory.

is B button not the cancel and interact button on xbox?

No, on Xbox B is now the interact and confirm button. I guess this is how it usually works in the Japanese version (it's been too long since I played on the Japanese server) and they did not adjust it when doing the port of base PSO2 on Xbox. It's working as intended on the PC version. This is only a problem when playing base PSO2 on Xbox.

You can fix it.

If you go into base PSO2 and into settings you can change the button assignments for A/B and switch them back over. The trick to note however is that to confirm it and take effect, you need to use the balked way (I cant recall exactly but was it B to confirm on the confirm button?)

EDIT: Also I changed it in NGS so it doesnt mess with me lol I have jump/confirm like old PSO2 before NGS came out, on both.

@Doom-Smack Thanks for the heads up. That was actually the first thing I tried BUT I did not think of the extra tab for 'window' button options. I just tinkered with the game control options and forgot about the window settings. And since it was the way it always was on PC I thought there was nothing I could do about it.

Thanks again. This made my day!!!