Remove WB (rant)

Don't understand Sega's choice here( surprise, suprise) to keep this mechanic in the game. Ever since it was introduced in base PSO2 it's been a problem and had to reworked many times for balancing issues. First of all it makes no sense to give one class this ability and then scale all the damage in the game around said ability. Seriously not fun mindlessly pumping shots into the UQ boss for 10 minutes because the stupid match maker didn't put a ranger in the party. Then, when you have multiple rangers in the party no one can decide what part to mark. The best is when some douche non-ranger is just bitching the whole time, telling others what to mark and when. Either remove the skill altogether, or just make it exclusive to the ranger who fired it.

Idk what you mean by the whole game being balanced around weakpoint bullet/blight rounds.

Because you can clear things in a reasonable amount of time if people have good enough gear, even if there's no one to mark the enemies or give shifta-deband.

Also it depends on if the person not playing ranger knows what they're talking about, and not just to boss people around. There are people that tell rangers what to mark because they just want to help, not everyone is doing it just because they think they're so important that everyone has to listen to them.

If you want a single target skill that's somewhat similar I'd say go for the tech classes, they have the barta blot and zonde clad skills with two levels that accumulate a marker that detonates when you charge the tech of the appropriate element.

If the rangers can't decide on where to mark just continue attacking whatever part you were, because if they keep switching locations, they'll surely eventually move it back anyway.

Also weakpoint bullet recharges faster in NGS, where it's better to use them all at once, because of the damage they do on impact. That's also sometimes why the mark will be placed wrong because it can very easily hit a spot that doesn't have anything to lock onto if the enemy moves too much.

Weak Bullet was something I hope would not make an appearance in NGS. While it may not be apparent to everyone, there are already people who are being extremely rude in UQs (yes, during the fight) towards Rangers who aren't marking the part they want.

PSO2 is a very casual-friendly game where the vast majority of the time, people are matched together randomly and no real "party strategy" is required to down the bosses that mattered, just gear that each player needs to grind. Weak Bullet just doesn't fit into that kind of environment.

Instead of Weak Bullet, they should have made it into something less likely to trigger people. For example, instead of buffing people's damage, it could instead return HP and PP to people, while buffing only the Ranger damage, and let every Ranger keep one mark alive.

But I guess there's no way they're going to change it. We're stuck with this WB for the next 7-8 years, if NGS even lasts that long.

@kztm After ten years, I'm just sick of the WB Meta, I don't even change to ranger lately. It also goes both ways, there's plenty of times where the rangers will troll and play stupid or not use WB at all. While WB is not necessary to complete any content (so far), it will forever be the Meta as long as it exists in the game as it does.

I like weak bullet, adds another element to the boss fights. Mind you I cant imagine life without it, would it be better idk.

Ranger so far has been my favorite class in NGS, so I kept playing around to find a way to make Weak Bullet work better for me and I eventually found one...

The damage it does per shot alone is reasonable, and you can animation cancel BURST all 3 shots in 2 seconds for high damage on a 10 second cooldown, if that was intended then it has 2 purposes for me.

1-Mark your target 2-Leftover shots go to extra damage

Also it REALLY helps versus annoying Pettas mobs at Lv15 and Gororons (fat mobs) so it gives Weak Bullet a third purpose for me :

3-Cooldown Burst an annoying tanky mob

I suggest trying to treat it as a damage cooldown instead, the group boost is just a bonus effect in NGS, even though meta will always be meta.

Derp, I completely forgot to mention...I just ignore the people that bark where to WB, they've progressively become fewer and far between, like the people that dictate to a group of 8 Randoms at a Rank2 Spot/Resol Forest how to trigger PSE Bursts.

I have my spots and they have there spots, if they want to blow up that bad over where you're marking then perhaps they should main Ranger during UQs.

I remember being in a Nex Vera group with 3 Rangers(me being one of them), and the other 2 were fighting over which HEAD to shoot on the dragon, both WB spam and area chat, it got toxic pretty fast between those two. I just kept my head down and continue to WB where I saw all the melee at....can't tell if they joined in or just gave up but it was just my shots after the boss was about half done for <_<

Precision Blight Rounds ring might make a comeback, in one form or another hopefully.

The same issue exists with Volkraptor, though it's more contained to just a single weapon type that has to be balanced around it.

That said, blight bullet is a boring skill to use, made annoying to use in NGS due to the weird little lockout it does where you can't perform any other attacks for a second after actually firing it. It's especially fun fighting with the lock on system for fights like Nex, trying to move the mark to one of its glowing disc weakpoints, with the game constantly trying to lock onto its wings or the disc on the other side of Nex's body and not the one directly in front of you.

@okwithme2 said in Remove WB (rant):

Precision Blight Rounds ring might make a comeback, in one form or another hopefully.

I would argue it shouldn't "have" to come back and should have instead have been baked-in as how it worked in the first place. I honestly would rather have seen something else entirely that is more passive and engaging (such as something similar to the the Phantom Marker for a sniping point for the player or a side-effect like applying Jellen for a period of time provided the player keeps attacking which could be a defense debuff in the case of the Ranger).

@IAMCRAIG I feel that Weak Bullet could definitely have been more engaging if it was baked into every photon art so I don't see why it couldn't have been made a part of something like Razing Shot or even Blazing Shot that the player builds up rather than being a simple "point and click here for extra damage" for the the team skill. I'm baffled that classes like the Phantom brought quality-of-life to how messy the lock-on mechanics can be by allowing players to build up those markers even multiple parts and suddenly we're thrown back into how things used to be. For me, if it's not the lock-on system I'm fighting with an aggressive enemy then it is also other players who are telling me where to go or are complaining when my triple-burst Weak Bullet misses on the last shot or hits the wrong area even if my goal was to sustain the purple marker.

@VanillaLucia I like that idea of working WB into the PAs. I still want to see the team damage aspect reworked, make it not stack on weak spots. This would solve balance issues down the road with power creep.

@okwithme2 said in Remove WB (rant):

Precision Blight Rounds ring might make a comeback, in one form or another hopefully.

I wouldn't be surprised if Blight Round Precision is one of the planned skills for RA. 3 future RA skills I could see them adding are Blight Round Precision (auto hit the locked-on target even with obstructions), Blight Round Quickfire (reduces the animation lock when firing blight rounds) and Multi-Blight (Blight up to 3 points on a target)