Hello, so this issue has been a thing for a while and I've only recently realized where it triggers and it seems like there's something like miniature loading zones spread across each zone which if you traverse or move through rapidly like when fighting an enemy will give you mini freezes as shown hopefully in the video below.


As I'm trying to demostrate in there is that I can move around just fine without drops unless I go to that specific place (other maps have plenty of these spots too) anyone got a fix for this? I've tried lowering settings, even lower resolutions nothing really affects it for me.

my specs incase.

GPU: Nvidia GTX1070.

CPU: I7-6700K .

RAM: some old HyperX 16GB single channel 1066MHz.

The game is on a Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB

Also I've tried looking around for this issue but I couldn't really find anything about it. Interested to see if other people experience it.