This server lag is atrocious

I've gotten disconnected 5 or 6 times already. I finally gave up. Probably not going to be able to finish the story with all these disconnects. SEGA wants me to give them money for this game?

Its horrible i was just trying to do nex vera and the spike lasted 4 minutes im borderline about to just quit xD

TBH this needs attention more than anything. I can understand complaints abt lack of content, broken market, etc. etc.. but this is just unacceptable. Server lag issues have been there since the FIRST WEEK, and we are already in AUGUST, with braver update coming. If this continues I don't mind dropping the game even tho I spent money on it already. This sucks.

@PledgedPath7112 Agreed and as of the last 24 hours ive had the game CTD (crash to desktop with no error) simply from loading into a different zone!

That lag cost 30 seconds