With each update the slowness and crashes gets worse.

I have noticed that with each update the slowness and the crash is increasing. I only have time to play at night and even talking to avoid full blocks I don't have much choice, because of the gigastrix. It's spoiling everyone's enjoyment of playing.

Idk man it works on my machine, I did get 630 after fast block switching hunting gigas tho. Oh, and populated blocks do lag.

Yeah I’ve been playing on Xbox one s and each update’s making the game more laggy. I used to be able to get on with slight delay spikes here and there, now I usually have full on “world gets freeze framed” for a minute or two moments. There are times when it doesn’t happen at all but it usually happens 3-8 times or so in an hour when it is happening. The only good thing is that I don’t ever get hit when it’s happening and all the damage I was doing still comes out at the end in a big pile, after everything around me starts working again. Idk what other people see on their end when it’s happening to me or if it’s the entire area when it happens, but it’s getting to be a bit ridiculous

I've been seeing more bugs lol. I guess SEGA outsourced this game to those MS sellouts Bethesda.

Yea sadly the up to 30 second lags have hit me and others in the lobbies (according to the chat) aswell. Surprisingly, it was running well for some time,but now it's back to the launch days, well, not as bad, but still. This is quite bad in my book for an action online rpg. Also, this is the first time since the launch, in which I will regularly get 630 errors during lag spikes. It's the reason I'm putting the game down for now, keeping it to a minimum playtime for dailies and weeklies only.

There is one thing that worked for me, But may not apply to everyone else. I did manage to find the settings that changes your GPU settings from the recommended - Which was Super Ultra, Then moving that slider back towards "Normal". It seems to work, At least I noticed that my games isn't twitchy and there are less lag spikes. Might be something worth looking into.