Hand pose not working

I acquired HNP: Pointer Up last week and used it, but wasn't able to get it to work. I set it in my emotes shortcuts, but when I press the shortcut, my character does nothing. There is also a blank space above it in the emotes list. Thanks for any help in advance.

Have you tried it again since then? Because if you get freezing lag your character won't perform emotes despite the fact every other form of movement performs normally.

Yes, I have tried it multiple times. All the other emotes work except the hand pose.

Hand poses only work with NGS bodies, you may want to make sure you are using the right outfit or CAST parts. Also there are no chat command for hand poses yet (I looked it up since I have a couple so far), so you have to use the emote menu.

Highlight the emote you want to run, then switch to hand pose mode and set that, the emote and hand pose should activate at the same time. (On a keyboard the toggle between emote mode and hand pose mode is the "R" key, I don't know what it would be for a controller)

How do I find hand pose mode? I just set a preset to the hand pose in the emote shortcuts menu.

Bring up the Quick Menu, and from there you can access the Pose Menu, and it will show the toggle for emote or hand pose modes

Umm, the hand pose isn't actually showing in the quick menu's pose menu. I think I'll just need to contact support about this one.

Here is part of the emote menus showing the PC keybinds for toggling the hand poses and selecting them. 70c11113-ad54-4062-b716-34ddd85e8e15-image.png ffc73ee6-12ef-44bc-bb0b-f227eb1329fe-image.png

Ok, I'll look for that.

@LazerRay Thanks mate, that worked! I wish SEGA had a bit more info on how to use hand poses though.

Just got the HNP Peace emote and nothing happens when assigning it to a keybind. It works through the quick-menu, but is broken otherwise :*(

Hand poses can't work on their own, you have to use an emote with them, so key binding it won't work.

I found how to set up hand poses in chat commands, but you still have to use them with compatible emotes and NGS bodies for them to work.

The chat command would be: [emote tag], [emote name], ha, [hand pose name]

Example: /la xiaopose ha clenchedfist

@LazerRay do you happen to have a link/list with all the hand pose command names? I wasn't finding anything via google. I was able to replicate your macro with a different lobby action, but not sure what some of the other handpose names are. I assumed they'd just be the actual names of the Hand Pose in the menu, but that doesn't seem to work for everything. (E.g. "/fla dance50 ha thumbsup" works for the Thumbs Up hand pose, but I wasn't able to get "rock" working sadly.)

The Rappy Burst site has all the current hand pose names, it also has more info on the chat commands.