Lag 2 The Laggening.

So the lag issue was never fully resolved, but lately it's been getting pretty bad again. The server will be fine, and it will sporadically begin to lag for long periods where resources don't spawn (mineral nodes, boxes ect) damage numbers won't register, and enemies won't move. I was just fighting giga nex aelio and we absolutely destroyed it, essentially skipping the whole second phase because it wasn't moving and everyone was just wailing on it and waiting for the damage to register.

This needs to get resolved ASAP, lag is not fun to deal with, it was a big reason why lots of players quit early on, and we don't need another extended period where the game is blighted by lag.

I've noticed the lag seems to be getting worse lately, hopefully SEGA can fix it soon

I don't think I have ever seen a company ignore lag like this before. Surely this is an issue that should be top priority.

The good thing about this lag, however, is that damage you do eventually gets registered. Sometimes the enemies continue fighting you normally so you can continue countering for more damage, even tho no damage is immediately showing.

I would be way more upset about it if it were the type of lag where the enemy keeps doing its thing server side and after the lag recedes youre dead on the ground xD. There have been a FEW cases of that, but its mostly lag that can be worked with.

@AngryRhombus563 At least it would be fair that way XD. But I see what you mean.

This shit actually made me stop playing actively daily for the first time in over a year. I'm simply not happy with the direction ngs is heading (scratches, no real content, bugs, lag) This shit breaks my heart as I always was hoping for pso to go global again with a new release.

@Riesz This games 'everything stops' lag bursts have been good at not registering any attacks against me, so i've never died from even a 2 minute lag burst where that happens.

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@AngryRhombus563 At least it would be fair that way XD. But I see what you mean.

How is it fair that way? You can't always see the attacks when that happens, so sometimes you get killed by an attack you couldn't have even seen.

what AR said but that was more of a joke

Love the movie title

Ty lol. I was thinking about Lags; The revenge but that's a 4th installment title.

I've successfully avoided lag for the most part by not piling on the most populated blocks. Turns out trying to make 1/100 of the capacity a "megaserver" throws a wrench in the works.

The lag was terrible today, so bad that I just quit playing. Why should we put up with this? the answer......we shouldn't. I have a ton of other games I can play and actually enjoy. I'm not putting myself through this crap anymore. The game is garbage.

I'd bet it has to do with the way teleport works. You're essentially DDOSing a single instance constantly, especially ones where you need to get a group for and is popular like Block 1 North Aelio

11th Aug today, severe lag.

It lags so much that the UQ countdown started like 10 seconds after the fight had already started.

@kztm damn, that was some bad lag then