Room Teleportation needs some Auto/permanent settings

Just a suggestion for a QoL change. When I teleport into a dungeon area Mt. Magnus/Vanford Lab/Resol Forest I have to hit the teleporter immediately, select the top option, then look to makes sure I go to a rank 2 variant close to full and then reteleport... Thats ridiculous imo that I have to go through this process every single time so even if the loading times are low, I still have to wait double the time due to this...

So I propose make it so that there is automatic permanent settings somewhere which allows you to select options like "Only go to rooms that are lvl15+" "Always choose a room with x number of players unless none are available" "Always join rooms with friends/alliance mates if possible" So that we can just teleport 1 time to a room that actually makes sense to teleport to in 99% of cases to us.

It's not a must have but it is a QoL thing that usually makes people happier and games better overall.

It won't help for the # of players, but you can already make sure you teleport to level 15+ areas. On the map when you're about to click the teleporter you can click the left/right arrows to toggle what difficulty of that area it sends you to, and that option is saved for later.

So you can just skip the room teleportation menu entirely if you don't care about # of players, and if you're in a high-population block you're likely to get a pretty full room anyway.

It would be nice if the "same sector / friends only / alliance only" options saved though, instead of having to toggle them On whenever you wanted em.

@Akonyl Yeah, teleporting to Rank2 on the map doesn't help since most times you start a new room even if other rooms aren't full and you're o a decently full server... so it doesn't help. Should, but doesn't, at least in my experience.