[Audio] Incorrect Music Disc Audio for Language setting

When playing the "Eternal Encore: Christmas Version" music disc on the Japanese voice language, the English version plays instead of the Japanese one.

Now, I don't remember too clearly since it's been a long while since that concert/music disc provision, but I was fairly certain that when playing on Japanese voices, the Japanese version would play instead. (The English voices still plays the English version)

A very minor issue, though I thought it was something to note.

I think the music disk only has the English version, just like a bunch of other music disks that only have one track.

Just beating a dead horse here, but...

Eternal Encore: Christmas Version is dual language. It's basically the same audio used for the concert. Since the NGS update it's only been playing in English.

Burning Rangers disc is also dual language, however this plays the correct track depending on the language you have set.

FIXED! Eternal Encore X-Mas edition is now working properly with the N-Braver update. It took forever, but good job to the overworked and underpaid techs and support staff that made this happen!