Add a Sega Arcade to Central City

PSO on Gamecube had a few quest rewards that let you play a few oldschool games on GBA, like NiGHTS into Dreams, and it would be cool to expand on the idea for an open-world game.

Since they already added support for PSO2 within NGS, how about letting players use the giant screen in the city to play the old Sonic series, Ecco the dolphin, NiGHTS, Shining Force, the original PS Series, etc. It would give more reason to hang out in the city, and it would be cool to watch others play oldschool games on the big screen, and would be fun rewards to hand out during events and quests, and would attract all kinds of players to NGS just to hang out.

There is on steam "SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics" which allows you to play old games on a kind of emulator. What does that mean? Since they can sell them, they won't just give them away.

SEGA puts SEGA games in the Yakuza games. would be cool if they could do something similar with PSO2. Might not be as straight forward though due to all of PSO2's game logic being handled through the game servers. Might end up running into big latency issues with code that wasn't built with online gameplay in mind.

@Photon_Cat I could see them making an in engine version of the rail shooter Space Harrier in a manner similar to how FFXIV does its Air Force One rail shooter GATE.

Ports are unlikely but in-engine pseudo remakes and homages are possible.