The makeup/facepaint systems are very old in ngs and have messed up some of the facepaints that me and some friends are used to such as the facepaint 12/Petite Face paint. I have the face paint as a staple on character design and since it is either a weird purple colour or goes off of inner wear, I either cant use it or have to deal with having weird coloured inner wear on some outfits (if i could ever get a colour pass).

The system its self is old and is just a hindrance to the rest of ngs's customizing design. I say let it get the overhaul accessories got with letting us choose colours for it based on the colours we are using on the character or at the very least change it to secondary hair colour so we can have some control of its colouring.

Another suggestion is to let us move the face paints around cuz (again as example) the petite face paint hugs wayyyyy too close to the eyes and are way smaller than its original face paint 12. So letting us move the paint around even if very limited amount would be helpful.

This being one of the main points keeping me from using NGS"s face model and the fact that its extremely hard to remake the pso face in the NGS model without fully loosing the pso face because the faces are forced to be synced together instead of separate like you can with the bodies.