[NGS] Allow hair / accessory color to be saved if set as an preset fit via looks

Currently, changes you make to your hair color and accessory colors will not save for the fits you have in looks. This makes it extremely frustrating as it is more difficult to match colors with outfits and switch to them on the fly, because if you do that now, any changes made to hair color and accessories is permanent and not saveable for a look preset. It would be greatly convenient. Otherwise we have to consume a salon pass every single time we want to wear an outfit if we are changing hair color. Our looks presets get ruined as of now because colors can incorrectly match with different fits, since these changes to color stay no matter if the player is using a looks preset. Eyebrow / Eyelash color changes and etc do save correctly for a saved slot in looks, but not hair nor accessories. I think it would be a great quality of life improvement if it did save.

Yes, I would love to be able to switch between the Idol look and Assassin look for my Quna without having to use a pass every single time.

They could probably let you but they would probably make you pay SG or AC and only let you save the # color