Who else plays/likes the CAst race? Been using them since PSO1&2. Ive always liked being an "A.I. Android" in games if I can and the CAst from PSO have always been my favorite race in any game.

I will share some lore about PSO2 CASTS: they are not A.I.s or Robots, they are high photon-weak body people that got the cyborg treatment so they can join the ranks against Dark Falz. The process makes them lose their memory, so they don't even know if the transformation was voluntary, post death, or forced.

@landman Nice, thanks for that info. That's actually really cool.

It's also kind of ambiguous exactly how much organic material, if any, is left. Maybe they are full androids, with the consciousness transferred into a fully mechanical body. Or maybe it's more of a RoboCop situation, and there's still a good deal of organic flesh under the robot parts.

Personally, I like to think of them as purely mechanical, and indeed some CAST parts (male especially) sure don't look like they have much room for a normal body.

It's provably whatever organs needed to manipulate photon. Machines don't have photon affinity nor can they purify F-factor inside their caskets the same way ARKS bodies do.

Well, Luminmechs are able to manipulate photons. And it's possible it's not actually a physical organ, but a force of will type thing, which a CAST definitely maintains.

How I honestly imagined it worked kind of how dreadnaughts are made in Warhammer 40K for the Space Marines. Either way I like it all for RP purposes.