RE:SG Scratch Outfit "Lark Barbatos F [Ou]"

I bought a Lark Barbatos F [Ou] using SG ticket but my Female Cast can't wear it.. is this a bug or just the item not equipable for my Race? please someone help me, so that i'll be more careful to use the SG ticket and is there a way to figure out if this outfit is usable for a Cast Race

@kevzzgame go to salon and select it there

@Pariah-Chan i went to salon but it doesn't show up to my list and when i went to equip option it won't let me wear it

Is it in your inventory?

@Pariah-Chan yes its in my inventory

@kevzzgame you’ll have to make sure your using the correct body type.

Plus make SURE that you’re on the pso2 outers tab, not the NGS outers tab

@Pariah-Chan i did and it does not allow me to equip

But it’s listed there correct?

Go into the salon and show me a pic of you highlighting it in there plz

@Pariah-Chan 20210723_233609.jpg it does not show up

Outerwear tab, not outfit tab

Ok, now show me a pic of the character to diagnose the issue plz

@Pariah-Chan i finally figure it out... turns out my basewear does not allow me to wear outer wear.. when i change it i finaly manage to equip it20210723_234129.jpg