Hunter Arts Perfect Parry not negating enemy attacks

I think this is unfortunately how it's intended to work, that the timing to get both to trigger is more precise than to trigger one or the other. In base Pso2 there were some skills related to guarding with the weapon action that acted the same way.

Because you can guard to avoid all damage without it being considered a perfect guard, when perfect guarding is the trigger for the skill. You could see this a lot with the guard of wand on Etoile in base pso2, where you could nullify all damage by timing the bubble correctly, but only if you perfect guarded with it did you get the effect of restoring pp by using the bubble as well.

In actually negates attack if you hit it in the right timing. Meaning you need to hit the enemy the same timing when he attacks. It's kinda difficult at first but once you know the timing of the attack you can negate everything. There would probably be new class skills to be added so that it increases the iframes when doing a parry. Base PSO2 I think has it (correct me if I am wrong).

@killa-shroomz late reply but if you've parried it before then i suppose it's got to be just how tricky the timing is... the tornado catches me out a lot because it's not too clear exactly when the hitbox appears. i still don't feel that your timing was off in the video, though! sorry if this is discouraging.

could it be possible that another enemy hit you at almost the same time, before your parry frames came out...? i don't see any sign of it, but there are attacks that don't stagger you mid-animation.

It's fine. I really appreciate everyone saying either way, cause that's all I was looking for. The 2nd video I could tell all those hits I got the timing right, like they all felt clean. Even the one I miss I'm like yea that was early it was clear. The 1st video was just an example of how sometimes, to me (only I guess lol) it just doesn't feel right. And I really just wanted to know if I was crazy or not

You will see the difference if your multi-weapon Paritzan and wire lance. It will trigger often both bonus damage and super armor.