Hunter Arts Perfect Parry not negating enemy attacks

It will flash like you got the timing right, you get the extra damage to the enemy, but you still take damage. Anyone else pulling off the perfect parry but still getting hit?

the timing for the extra damage and the timing for the perfect parry are different! the red flash triggers if you get the damage boost, regardless of whether or not you parried the attack.

generally speaking, perfect parry has a shorter window, so quite often you'll see the red flash happen and get the bonus damage + super armour, but still take damage.

i'm not super sure about this, but it seems like the perfect parry window ends when the first hit of your photon art comes out. for example, charged twisting zapper hits very quickly after you release it, so there's a very very tight perfect parry window, but it's still just as easy to get the damage boost. meanwhile, cleaving scythe or spiral edge have more generous perfect parry windows.

Thats interesting, but I dont wanna believe you lol. >< I started looking thru some videos I took and I think you are right, most of the time it negated damage entirely before they took my damage. I think you are right for the most part, though I have footage of getting hit before the cleave connects and still taking damage. maybe that was just lag but I'll find more I'm sure.

Anyway that is helpful to have a better idea of when the perfect parry counts. why would longer skills give more of a window? seems less perfect to me. I figured it was a like .5 seconds after PA use or something like that.

I would have thought the parry window would be the same across all PAs, even if the Avenger window might be extended depending on startup. It's definitely a timing thing though.

You can see I release it like pretty perfectly but still take damage. A video of it happening on youtube It's the one after 13 seconds, I only left the rest in to show I wasn't like, lagging all over the place or anything.

The slow down isn't helpful to compare to my usage, but it still seems like you're releasing and then getting hit rather than releasing as you're getting hit. It's certainly possible that it could be a bug, but I'm leaning towards it just being really tight timing.

it works, but the timing is much tighter than weapon action perfect parry. I performed it several times yesterday, so i dont think it became bugged.

@AngryRhombus563 yea thats the thing it's been this way since ngs came out.

@killa-shroomz i do see the issue you're having in that video... i've only rarely tried to perfect parry with uncharged calibur streak, however. it may be that, like twisting zapper, its first hit comes out very quickly—but since it shows you taking damage before your first damage number appears, i'm not sure... maybe there's something else that decides how big the perfect parry window is for each photon art?

getting the perfect parry timings down is absolutely possible, though! i'm a hunter main (mostly sword + partisan) and i've successfully used HAA parries to survive for several minutes vs gigantixes.

@killa-shroomz a little update! i went to the veteran varas in north aelio and tried to parry the same attack you parried with the same PA that you used. unfortunately, as far as i can tell, it's working just fine for me—i don't think my parry timing was any better than yours in the video, but all three times i tried it i managed to negate the damage.

maybe something else is going on? i couldn't say what, though.

"I've only rarely tried to perfect parry with uncharged calibur streak" I love it cause you can release it whenever you need to, making the parries when you need to, and if you don't need to than you can have all the damage hehehe

And thats all I'm really looking for. Am I crazy and doing it wrong or is anyone else having problems? I know I sound like a worker blaming his tools, but sometimes I'm like "I swear I had that one" Like I made another Video, where I overlay the attack release as close as I can get it to the same time of release and damage taken. not slowed down lol I only slowed that one down to show exactly how close I was to the timing.

Even if it was based purely off of negating their attack exactly, (which is what I try to do) You have to release the photon art at some point, or you just get hit. So where are the Iframes in the release? The skill says "negates enemy attacks when you release a photon art"...

@killa-shroomz Ive gotten many perfects with uncharged calibur streaks, and a handful of perfect charged tho those take some clairvoyance. The key is in the wording of perfect parry, when you "release" the photon art. the release has to be as soon as youre about to get hit, sooner than avenger arts potency will activate.

@killa-shroomz thanks for the updated video! it seems like the damage negation worked just fine while you were fighting the eldi scythe—do you only encounter this issue when trying to parry the varas' tornado? as i said earlier i used exactly the same PA with exactly the same timing against exactly the same enemy attack and didn't seem to have an issue...

Varas Tornado is special timing itself. I see enough people miss normal parries against that.

@starryeyedgiant No I've perfect parried the tornado before, it just seems like sometimes I get the timing perfect and still take dmg, no matter what I'm fighting. yea the scythe I hit a bunch of those, but half the time I get the same timing I think and it doesn't work. @AngryRhombus563 I get that, when you release, so mechanically you have to have Iframes for some time, during or after the actual release is all I meant with that phrase. I just wanted to know if I was crazy or if it was happening to other people at all. I guess I'm crazy, but it still feels off to me.