Photo Mode/Hide Hud options and binde shortcuts

In title

The game does have a photo mode that lets you move the camera freely and such. It should be under the Quick Menu...

Unless of course it isn't in the Xbox One version yet.

@Leonkh99 Fortunately, there is 🙂

Also, we can hide UI by typing in chatbox like /uioff 600. The number is the seconds we want to hide UIs.

There are some types of shortcuts available, detailed here.

And having a look at option settings might be useful too. These settings can be found at Main Menu - System - Options - Control Settings - Keybind Settings (Keyboard) - Shortcuts tab 🙂

So far ever time I have hit the screen shot button my ui is not displayed in the screenshots and I was actually trying to include my ui

@SaviorZero82 Hmm, again im not too sure about Xbox One but on PC there is a Screenshot setting. From there you not only can choose the screenshot format (BMP, PNG or JPG) but also whether the game's UI should be displayed in the screenshot or not.