Alpha reactor not picking up

So twice now (not on consecutive days), I hunted 14 alpha reactors only to go back to central city and see that they're not there when I was going to sell them. I checked my NGS log and it appears that they weren't even picked up - I'm very sure of this because one of the daily missions was to get 5 crisp aelio tomatoes and I picked up an alpha reactor in between picking up the 5 tomatoes. Yet the log shows this: 7fa76bf4-ac25-4a2c-939b-5d1b57e61f75-image.png In fact there's no log of alpha reactors at all for today... Wondering if anyone has experienced this issue before? It's pretty frustrating as alpha reactors are pretty much the only grinding (apart from weeklies and event store) that f2p players can do to earn meseta, yet it seems to be bugged - for me at least.

I just came here to report that this has happened 2 days in a row now. No alpha reactors when I picked them up.

I have also experienced this. Really frustrating.

Hey just came back to say that alpha reactors disappear to oblivion when our inventory is FULL. They do not get sent to default or character storage. (i also do not have material storage anymore)