Outfit Gone after new genesis released.

I know I Had the Cassith Salute because I had it saved as a "look." But I've went through every character trying to find it and it's just gone. I know I didn't get rid of it cause I don't get rid of anything I paid money for. 16269590750155546442715629289464.jpg I know it's a long shot but is there a way I can get it back without having to grind for days upon days to get enough money to buy it back from player shops? It's bothering me to no end because I paid money for the thing just for it to magically vanish from existence.


The inventories for NGS and PSO2 are completely separate storages. If you had it equipped on one of your characters, seeing as outfits are an item that has to be in the inventory, be sure to check both of their inventories. You're probably aware (or have already done it), but just in case, there is a search feature for storage, so be sure to search for cassith in every storage too.

@LusterMain I have, I've scoured all storage tabs, on all 3 ships that I have characters on, even checked my mini robot, the name eludes me lol. But it's literally vanished, now that I've done more searching I've found that the Selvaria Swimwear: Sky is also gone. I didn't really care for it but that's beside the point.


I'd ask support about if it you haven't yet, then.