[NGS] Automatically start Daily / Weekly tasks

Twice in the last three days now after the change of day I've solo'd a tough Veteran enemy only for it to not complete my daily task to defeat a seasonal Dread Enemy.



Because if you are logged in when the day changes, you have to either log out and back in or open the Tasks menu for the new tasks to be added to your task list. And if they're not in your task list, anything you to do progress or complete them doesn't count at all.

Why doesn't the game just give these tasks immediately? What purpose does arbitrarily screwing players out of task completion accomplish serve, other than to annoy them?

New daily tasks should be given immediately as soon as the day changes, if you're already logged in. There is no benefit to the way it currently works.

I noticed this too, but since i check where the dailies want me to go it didn't cause any problems for me. Still, just another arbitrary, illogical thing to add to the extensive list of segas counter-intuitive design decisions.