[AC Scratch Ticket] Missing Bonus Ticket

I was on PSO2 block on Xbox Series X, had one more Accessory AC Scratch Ticket to go before Scratch Count Bonus, purchased 1,000 AC, purchased one AC Scratch Ticket to activate bonus.

The animation played, I received one item for the AC Scratch Ticket I purchased, the animation for the SCRATCH COUNT BONUS Ticket played, but I did not receive the Accessory C Ticket.

In the SCRATCH COUNT BONUS tab it shows that I achieved the bonus but there is no item. I transferred to the NGS block in hopes it would appear there but it does not appear at all.

How do I dispute this since this was a cash transaction item? This was NOT a Star Gems item, this was an ARKS Cash item.

@WarlockJerezad I logged out, restarted system, logged back into main character, ticket appeared in... STORAGE?!

@WarlockJerezad Those were tickets I had from prior AC SCRATCH BONUSES. I'm still missing Bonus ACCESSORY C TICKET.