The state of costumization in ngs

In one word it's sad. Sega doing so little on it and going lazy. Most of the costumes look same. Some made/butler wear and robot boots/gloves. Then we got no outwear and there only 2 base wear that can be used as such at all. For female it's 1. There no good body paints or face interesting eyes. Why they don't just let you use the one from base like you can hairs? All in all the hole fashion system in ngs is BAD and LAZY if you look at base game. Thing is in the new graphics most of the fashion from base look horribly bad as if it's from PS2 game. What Sega thinks here when fashion is the onlly thing that was going for PSO2 in the first place. What you think of this? Can Sega turn it around or it's to clean they don't give a fuck and the game run on a skeleton crew.

I’m sure we will get more variety in the future. It’s pretty clear they wanted to target a specific theme with the initial ngs scratches, the problem is most players don’t like that theme or the designs atm. Hopefully we will be getting some different themed scratches soon, until then I’ll just use my pso2 stuff

Some of the face paint is ok, I believe I use the one called Cordial Rouge? It's nice for a youthful face if you tone it down. The outfits suck but they've probably been hearing that a lot. I like the NGS bodies a lot, the ability to shrink hands and feet is wonderful. I skipped many outfits in PSO2 because of big honkin' clown feet from some of their shoes but it comes at a cost of owning like...300 outfits in PSO2 and now a grand total of 1 in NGS, because I hate almost everything.

They did a good job on emote stuff, that's honestly the only thing worth anything to me besides basically rebuying socks for later variety. There really isn't much.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 but there the problem,most base stuff look worse that they did in base. What's more where the outwear for ngs go?

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@TEN-SQUARE-3 but there the problem,most base stuff look worse that they did in base. What's more where the outwear for ngs go?

I think that’s down to your settings and your hardware, I posted photos of some of my pso2 outfits and they look the same for me. I’ve seen photos of others players that look fine has well. It seems in particular texture resolution has a big impact on how pso2 stuff looks, it’s right at the bottom make sure you have it set to high or highest.

This is the thread I posted the photos in. I have no idea where the outerwear gone, seems strange we haven’t gotten any so far

All my PSO2 stuff actuality got better with the NGS update from the higher texture detail, bust as of right now there is much in the way of male CAST parts for my main character, but I got one decent NGS outfit for my alt so far (The rest of her stuff is PSO2 outfits).

Other than making cosmetics that would have otherwise just been free default ones into ac/sg ones, it's pretty fine right now. Whether or not the outfits we've gotten so far are good are not, though, is purely a matter of opinion - I think they're all really cool, and I like how they manage to take in other themes while still keeping the core aesthetic of the game.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 i run it on the most maxed out the game can run.

@LazerRay that's the thing some items did but most did not.thry tuched some of the more popular items.

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@TEN-SQUARE-3 i run it on the most maxed out the game can run.

I’m not sure why yours are looking worse then.

You don't really need the ngs face stuff. It's only needed if you want to make custom expressions, which no one will see 99% of the time. I avoid looking at people's abominations even when they're just standing around in front of me. Also, ngs foreheads are just awful.

Even the outfits are pointless as long as your look has gloves/socks.

@TEN-SQUARE-3 not just me. Most people I know in game say the same

@Star-Platinum that you. I may ask why you play a dress up fasion game then but you know

I just want more access to N-Color Change Pass. It's basically N-Elusive-Color-Change Pass right now.

@Miranda ye one more problem in ngs. Why this thing is this fucking rear. I get that Sega want to sell the same outfit in 4 different colors so people don't see there onlly 3-4 out there but come on.