Can I get a GM response? Two users for a month straight being legitimately racist and transphobic

This is Ship 1, the users are Shochan and BagOChips. Each day they come up and essentially take over the block, B1, and start deliberate fights with every person on the block in unison. Calling people "p3dos", the N word constantly and they are white and the hard R variant, telling people to commit suicide.

It's such a problem and the block has tried to file reports with the website but nothing is done to curb this behavior. Apparently they are both self admitting they are gay as well, but seem to have no respect for anyone else despite demanding respect for themselves.

Could a GM please look into this? Perhaps send a GM to monitor B1 4 PM EST each day? Thank you.

PS: Side note, blocklist is not enough due to the way start fights with everyone you literally cannot escape their consistent drama without blocking everyone or leaving.

Switch block is what I could only suggest as they probably use the game as a interactive chat simulator. Being online allows some people a coat of strength to express what they are going thur even personally.

Just keep leveling and getting better. Tell your buddies hop on group chat until change.

For this, you have to report it as a support ticket. It is against the rules to post something like this in a public spot.