Global site... What is the disconnect?

Japanese Site: unknown_2021.07.21-09.51.png

Global Site: unknown_2021.07.21-09.52.png

Its about to be 7 hours since maintenance ended on both sides, and we dont even have the new web panel goals. Its clear the websites have to look almost identical, so is SEGA (JP) not sending Sega of America/Global/rest of world what is needed to put this website together in a timely manner, or at all? Is there no coordination being made an appropriate time before maintained begins to get this stuff set up before it ends, or in the case of the Japanese site - within the hour of maintenance start?

This was a specific browser fail.

Global is the same as the JP version on my end, it needs a cache refresh on your browser if you've been to the site before recently.

@Vashzaron Interesting that I didnt have to do that for the JP site. It loaded everything else new but the updated weblink.