Closed Beta NGS Rewards Missing - This Happened On Base PSO2 Too!

Rappy Burst Twitter is reporting that ONCE AGAIN, Sega's method of detecting CBT participation and auto-distributing items well after the participation date is STILL BUSTED. I cannot begin to describe how gaslit/triggered I am over seeing this happen AGAIN to players.

Back when PSO2 launched its original Xbox CBT and was supposedlyawarding players for participating in UQs with Halo accessories, Dreamcast Mags, and then 500AC from a survey, I wound up never getting ANY of mine - sent a contact to support (Ticket 53861), had screenshots, communication emails, login dates and times in my player log to back everything up, and after MONTHS of warning them something was wrong with their item distro system and hearing NOTHING back, some rando finally replied back from the support team with a "Sorry you didnt redeem them during the period, you get nothing!" - as if they didn't even read any of my bloody documentation.

And now it's allegedly happened AGAIN to unsuspecting NGS players? Hah, good luck getting support to reimburse you! Ya'll probably only got your disappearing AC&SG back when NGS launched because JP players were probably complaining about it too.

"Before we proceed with this inquiry, we would like to know if the closed beta rewards that you have listed were ever redeemed from the visiphone? We patiently await your response."

....get ready to hear that garbage in spite of the fact your NGS CBT stuff didn't show up in the first place. It's not Sega's fault right? Right? This is exactly what happened to me the first time and it was never resolved, and this is exactly why I skipped not just the NGS CBT but the early launch weeks filled with crippling lag and disappearing Meseta that was even acknowledged in a News announcement. A person shouldn't be as stressed as I am over pointless virtual items and yet here I am again because Sega is horrifically untrustworthy when it comes to fixing these problems.

I'm getting this issue. I only got the reward for using the Personal Shop when I know for certain that I defeating the Nogleth and completed the CBT survey. I'm pretty sure I reached Level 10 and used Material Storage, but I'm not certain. I do know I didn't get 1050 BP.

I logged in today and the missing rewards for waiting for me. Unsure if this is the result of maintenance or me filing a support ticket.