[NGS] [9th Anniv.] Seasonal Enemy Suppression III daily task cannot be completed

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I've been farming for about an hour and I've yet to see a single seasonal enemy spawn at the Vanford Laboratory Ruins area.


Yes, my girlfriend and I are having the same issue. It seems as though none of the zones were updated. Have yet to find any seasonal enemies in Vanford Labs or Resol Forest, and no seasonal Nex Vera. I'm gonna guess the Gigantix Nex Vera isn't in the game, either, though we might just have not found it yet.

Same here. I've never seen them spawn there so if they were supposed to be added... they weren't and have never spawned there.

As seen from the web event page, it seems like Lab and Resol area will only have marked enemies during week 4. Guess SEGA put out the quest prematurely.

You are mistaken. If you look at the update notes, it says clear as day that today will have Vanford Labs, and certain days will alternate which zone they appear in. Week 4 is, most likely, all zones all the time. If they manage to update the game properly at all.

Looks like they recently updated the update article. Seasonal enemies are on a rotation eteeen Vanford and Resol that will start at noon pacific today. (3.5 hours from now)


Seriously? NOON TO NOON ONLY? Who's the moronic donut puncher who came up with this garbage? WORST EVENT EVER. What is Sega thinking? I mean, really, this is dumb.Just put the bloody enemies in all the time instead of expecting people to go hunting down changes to updates that better explain what the launcher itself didn't! Good grief, someone needs to tell Sega to get off Social Media and start making games properly again.