New Player looking for Character Build Advice

Hello. I'm new to PSO2. I main a Bouncer/Hunter. I have her set up to where my jet boots palette is used for buffing and healing allies and myself. My soaring blades palette is however my dps. I'm not quite sure how to set up her skill build and gear to where both loadouts are effective. Is there any advice or guide someone can give me? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Following cuz same.

@Figberry said in New Player looking for Character Build Advice:

Following cuz same.

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So, you have a few options since the current amount of available SP limits what you can get on both the Bouncer and Hunter Trees. These are some basic suggestions that you can mess with.

First let's make some assumptions:

  • You are level 75/75 with all CO Skill Points
  • You are using Switch Strike so you can focus entirely on MEL-Power for your Abilities on your Weapons and Units
  • You have a pure DEX Mag (though a pure MEL is still usable as well).

So as to your Skill Trees, for Bouncer you can either pick both stances or just one:

  • Both Stances: In this case you would use Elemental with JBs for general use and Break with SBs for general use or with JBs when there are breakable parts, but it reduces which supplementary skills you can get:

  • Only Elemental Stance: This leans more toward JBs, and is also great with SBs, but only if you have multiple SBs with different elements:

  • Only Break Stance: This is more for using SBs since Break Stance D Bonus only applies to SBs; it makes JBs a little less effective since they have to be hitting a Breakable Part to get any kind of damage bonus:

For Hunter, you could either go with:

Again, these are my opinions based on the amount of SP we have available and on your desire to utilize both weapons (I am personally running a pure JB Elemental Stance/Automate build).

And for reference, here are the damage bonus numbers for the Bouncer Stances:

  • Elemental + Matching: 132% (this number does not take into account the general damage bonus for matching elemental weakness which can vary enemy to enemy)

  • Elemental + Non-Matching: 115%

  • Break + Breakable Part: 148.5%

  • Break + Non-Breakable Part: 100%

  • Break + D Bonus + Non-Breakable Part: 131.5% (only when using SBs)

Also, just a couple of general tips:

  • Remember to get your Weapons to full Elemental percentage (50% for 1☆-12☆, 60% for 13☆) since it adds hidden PWR to your Weapon for Melee and Ranged damage calculations (ex. if your SBs have 1000 MEL-PWR [not including Abilities] and 50% element, it is counted as 1500 MEL-PWR for damage calculations)

  • If you have a 7☆+ Weapon that is not a Red- or Blue-series, additional DEX from Abilities and Skills will no longer raise your minimum damage since 7☆+ Weapons automatically set your minimum damage to the highest it can go without having a 100% Critical Rate.