Hi everyone, I've been playing base PSO2 since February and never bought any SG or AC so definitely I'm a F2P player during those times. When beta for NGS starts and they gave-out free 20,000AC for testing, I was kind of disappointed to know that using those will give you really random items. After NGS released I switched from F2P to P2P but now I am leaning towards going to semi-P2P (just buying premium even though premium is very not much worth it right now) reason is, using scratch and sgs are not worth it for me specially if my draw is bad (getting cast parts or male equips). If ever, I would suggest, I think it would benefit everyone if thedraws are only restricted on your body type for layered wears and outfits. It just feels that getting a wear not suitable for your character's body type is just pure plain cash grabbing and for sure not most of us are planning to have multiple characters like me, I just tend to convert it to AC coin or SG coin which is a much more waste of money. I don't mind the pose, hair or accessories but damn having a male character and you draw wears for female is just kind of disappointing also with having female characters and getting wears mostly for male.. If they would restrict the wears to specific body type I think it would make people want to spend more on scratch as they know they will have a higher chance of getting the wear that they wanted.