How to increase stats

You have several ways to increase the attack stat. I been in the lab trying to decode when you level 4 a potential in a weapon (certain ones). The point is have anyone gotten the method of how to get an attack stat over 1k as some weapons recommend certain things even at 3 stars.

Hah we not even with 6 star weapons and meseta is looking prettier by the day.

The Theseus series (Defensive Formation) and Trois De series (Offensive Formation) potentials are that way for the purpose of future-proofing. We are not supposed to be able to max them out yet as the max for Attack is ~933 and Defense is ~574.

@ultimatecalibur Thats good to know some weapons wont get lost in the sauce as time goes on.

@MrBoomblam Pretty much all existing weapons should stay viable even if not optimal as higher and higher tiers are added and the enhancement cap is increased. Lower tiers actually gain more ATK per upgrade with each limit break.

  • A Primm starts at 177 ATK at +0 and reaches 259 ATK at +40. A gain of 82 points.
  • A Straga starts at 243 ATK at +0 and reach 283 ATK at +40. A gain of 40 points.

@ultimatecalibur Whoa there my Obi wan intuition is telling something. Guess Im going to have to keep my extended warehouse and invest in another one.

So this is going to be heavy duty stuff in time to come. Thanks for the insight.