Nightfall Prov.. Hemitite drop too low/Broken

From my experience on the JP servers I feel like the Gem and material rates are a lot lower on the NA I can go to and are and farm on the JP side without needing a lot of food or extra picks and I managed to get at least 2-5 of what I’m looking for, here on NA I get mostly vegetables and hardly anything eles, but I’m hoping that’s cuz my harvesting levels are still low tho that did not seem to affect my drops on JP from what I recall. These are just my experiences tho


I agree something is off with the odds on the NA servers. This is mainly because most of the stuff about advance missions talk about getting keys like candy. I pushed SH up to 13 and still can't get 10 keys to drop in one run. The VH runs are about the same you have to push past 20 then it is like the flood gates and you get 15 or so a run.

IDK Casino odds are off as well it is down to me knowing that i will get 1000cc per hour so if I hit a jackpot or something like that I will just have to leave. Because it is no fun losing for the next 50 min or until you get back below that 1000cc per hour. It is just odd. Really bad in blackjack or what ever they call it. One person can mess up the whole table and cause every one to lose, because the game gets focused on that one person winning too much.

I know it seems crazy, but I pick up wicked fast on patterns and stuff like that.

This is not a rant, this is just a plea for them to look into it. I like playing this game, and want to see it shine.