Nightfall Prov.. Hemitite drop too low/Broken

100% rare drop booster + prem boosts 200 stamina and 20 good pick axes. I did not get a single one. All farmed during a frenzy ( used fishing to start the frenzies )

Please fix as people spend real money on those pick axes.

You do realize that rare drop boosters have nothing to do with harvesting rates, right?

RDR does not effect Harvesting; the only boosts to Harvesting are from the Food you can buy from the Cafe.

ok Thank you all but still the drop rate needs to be looked at 20 good axes ant nothing to laugh at.

The good axes are a waste of money. You just got unlucky. Keep at it (and maybe eat the appropriate food next time) and you'll find some soon enough.

I did not spend money but if I did I would want a refund. Because the drop rate is too low for something that people will spend money on. I get it you all like to grind but this will stop people from paying money for stuff. You want people to pay money for stuff to keep the doors open. As it is now it is a ripoff. You just admitted it is. They need to fix that.

Please understand I am talking big pic here.

I don't know of anyone who routinely buys Good Pickaxes. It's one of many half-baked systems in this game that you can safely ignore.

Then they need to remove them you have a all new people like me who have not played this game. They spend money on shit that is broken and you will have problems. Do you even work for saga?

I do not, in fact, work for saga. I am not sure where you got the idea that I did.

Sorry I am trying to play and type at the same time. If you do not work for Sega or how ever it is spelled then just leave this bug report be. There is no point in doing anything other than letting them read it and act/not act on it. You are not helping, just trying to argue. That is why I asked. Because life is too short to argue with people with misplaced passions.

I was just trying to explain to you that rare boosters don't impact harvesting rates. This is not a bug, just plain old bad luck. n = 20 is far too small of a sample size from which to draw any meaningful conclusion.

it is a bug if people can pay money for a broken system. I care about this game and do not want people turned off from it. Again just leave this for them to decied. I just report problems I see. They act/don't act on them. But they will never fix a problem they do not know about.

I am not being hateful or mean. I am just reporting a problem. I love this game and want to see it get better.

Just because you paid money for a random mechanic does not guarantee you will get the result you desire. But I will leave you and your bug report alone, since we're not getting anywhere here.

After all, I don't even work for saga.

This is how you chase new people from your community. You know that right? @Ilúvatar Really buddy you need to take a breath here and ask your self why you feel the need to degrade me. You may not like the answer.