PSO2 Story Quest Clear Campaign

Be sure to redeem your rewards or go read (or skip) through the PSO2 story. Lots of good stuff here, mostly mission pass item reruns but also a lot of SG pick tickets as well

I've cleared all the story stuff before NGS hit. Most of those weapon camos I already have, though there's some other things I don't. Not to mention those SG scratch prize vouchers.

I've been going nuts about this one. For several minutes I simply didn't believe it, and even now I'm kind of stunned.

Six Re: SG C Ticket are huge. Huge. It used to almost certainly cost 3200 SG to get an item of choice from the classic PSO2 SG scratch sets (Fallen Heroes, Mother's Disciples, Astral Guardians and Versus Annihilation), because they were ugly combinations of two JP SG scratches covering a full year of content each, making it far more likely that you'd need to do 40 pulls to get a choice ticket.

Rewind: SG Collection helped that out by bringing a large portion of those prizes into a format that needed 25 scratches for a choice prize - reducing the cost to 2000 SG each. Though it still wasn't as good as what JP got; their choice items cost 25 recycle badges, allowing them to use excess badges from all past SG scratches unlike Global. They also had a temporary 30% discount campaign so they could get choice items for 1360 SG.

But now we're getting six choice items just like that. To anyone who ever cared about classic PSO2 SG Scratch items and gave up on some of them, if they're in SG Collection (and it's more likely than not they are) we can now get 12,000 SG worth of them.

And to anyone who started in New Genesis, SG Collection is one of the only PSO2 Rewinds that you would be interested in because it contains about 70 accessories, 15 weapon camos and 24 emotes which are all fully usable by the new-physique body type.

The Global site's prize list was borderline useless incomplete; for a full prize list in SG Collection check the JP website; the prize list is identical in Global.

This campaign is entirely about attracting players who started in New Genesis to play through the PSO2 story to give them more activities to do. And perhaps to a smaller scale to encourage people who left during the PSO2 era to wait for NGS to return to the PSO2 side and finish up the story.

And I'm totally fine with that. It makes sense to leverage the PSO2 content and boy howdy does this leverage it because those SG C Ticket rewards alone would be more than worth it but it's also giving 12 weapon camos, 6 emotes and 11 accessories outright on top.

Anyone who's not finished PSO2 should absolutely do so during this campaign.

I only spent money last week....Purchase 4800 SG

It's not fair...

@Miraglyth Also to note to PSO2es fans, Lord's outfit (AC Scratch from Bumped / Picture of Lord) is also available in this scratch alongside his hairstyle, innerwear, and his makeup patterns. This one comes as a surprise to me because Lord doesn't have a role in the Phantasy Star Online 2 story but is very important to the PSO2es story.

I'm upset that we did not get the Judgement Wings Roto=Raut as a weapon camo from the Zieg exchanges for Genesis Weapons, but I do like that we get tickets as well for this campaign.

It definitely makes me wish I didn't spend over half of my Star Gems trying to get a single item in the previous week.

Yeah, I’m still kinda upset not scratching for the Xiao Pose when available. 😕

I’m half awake and not fully understanding, sorry. Do you get the rewards if you’ve already cleared story or is this only for players who haven’t cleared yet?


Says "Everyone who clears “(story quest)”" for every requirement, and story clear campaigns in the past have also given it if you've cleared before. I'd feel really cheated if I didn't get those 6 pick tickets just because I already read the story before though

People that finished already will still get the rewards, though sometimes the thing can get buggy and require you to switch to the right episode etc to get the rewards.

But 2 weeks for a new player to finish all 6 episodes, that's a bit of work if you aren't able to play for many hours a day. Especially in the newest NGS PSO2comic (JP#7) poking fun of story skippers.

EDIT: just logged in, don't even need to go to PSO2 block and there's 35 items for pick up from the campaign, items are sellable on NGS only.

Damn this is actually pretty cool

I'm so happy to see [Persona] Head-Mount among the prizes, and the choice tickets are amazing. I've been wanting to make a Lord NPC for a while, but the scratch has only given me his eyebrows so far lol

@VanillaLucia said in PSO2 Story Quest Clear Campaign:

Also to note to PSO2es fans, Lord's outfit (AC Scratch from Bumped / Picture of Lord) is also available in this scratch

Yep, it's always been there since SG Collection was added. That's not new, not a part of this campaign and won't disappear once the campaign ends. 😛

@HarmlessSyan said in PSO2 Story Quest Clear Campaign:

2 weeks for a new player to finish all 6 episodes, that's a bit of work if you aren't able to play for many hours a day.

Wait, 2 weeks? What the heck, Sega...? This should seriously be longer. To Sega the whole point of the campaign is to give people more content to do to fill the time before the next major NGS update. What's the point of having it end this quickly? It just kneecaps the purpose.

Well I apparently claimed 4 sg C tickets in ngs and now they're nowhere to be found.. Can anybody explain why? 😅


They can't be used in NGS, so they're moved to storage. If the storage is full... that might cause problems.

I just started and I've only played NGS. If I play PSO2 would I be able to transfer the camos on my NGS? Hopefully without resetting the level or anything like that