NGS Fashion Showcase: July 25th

Are you're into fashion business? Do you like to create ensembles? Like to share and show off what you created? Or are you just curious and likes to sit down and watch? If you do, then this event is for you!

We are doing a fashion showcase on July Sunday 25th in the main city of NGS! We know there are a few issues with fashion there, and this is why it will be an experimental event. Some people already had the chance to take part in the old PSO2, it was memorable!

What: fashion showcase with catwalk area

When: July 25th, Sunday at 11 AM (PST time)

Where: SHIP 2 (UR), NGS Central City, Block 24 (or the next block if not enough room is available)

Recommendations: If you want to take part as a model, make sure to have your ensembles ready to swap, and check you have all your costumes and outwears in your NGS inventory. Add some spice preparing some emotes and cut-ins!

Beware that some costumes and makeups will change your face (PSO2 to NGS face, or vice versa) and this can mess up your character face/body, so please test them out first!

That being said, take care and see you there, it will be fun! Don't let Mr. Yerkes tell you what to wear!


In this thread you will find several screenshots of the above event!