SEGA should just opted out of the steam forum program.

The steam forums for this game is pointless it full of pointless shit posting of the game, and personal insults to people who like the game. And on top of that steam moderators are completely incompetent in those forums. Steam mods issued a 4 day ban on my steam forum account stated that I insulted someone here an image of the full report. Untitled2.png

So yes I will admit my response to the other individual was trolly, but trolls deceive troll response to their trolling IMO. But no where in my post did I even come close to insulting this troll yet that what the ban was issued for. So I contact steam support ask why they actually issued my ban but didn't ban the other individual calling people simps for liking a game that they hate. Steam's BS response was telling me it was based off my post history, and the reason they didn't ban the actually toxic individual was because they didn't post again. Untitled22.png

Like wtf lol so basically someone at steam fucked up and their higher ups have decided that doubling down on being wrong rather than admit their wrong actions and fix their mistake is the better option. Than steam wonders why people label them as being a fest pool of hate and toxicity.

Seriously SEGA you guys are better of opting out of the steam forum program its complete dogshit and completely miss managed. Honestly I don't even feel like playing the game today after dealing with dogshit customer support from the steam scum bags that refuse to admit their in the wrong.


We understand how you feel about your recent ban. However, please note that Harassing, stalking, or threatening developers, forum moderators, or anyone in the PSO2 team is prohibited. We will now close this thread to avoid flaming. Thanks