It's rather inconvenient that the blacklist is tied to xbox gamertags, and it's even more annoying when I cant seem to pull up someone's gamertag because they're either too far away or there's a system issue preventing it from being brought up.

It sounds petty as hell but is there a specific reason why it can't be as simple as JP's system where it's just select it and forget it? Is it because our accounts are tied to Microsoft accounts and not tied to SEGA ID's this time around? A few people aren't even aware that you can block players at the moment using the mute button from the other person's gamertag.

Even Phantasy Star Universe had an in-game block feature and our accounts were our xbox accounts for the 360 version so I'm kinda trying to add this as a suggestion at the same time as being baffled on why we have to go through individual gamertags to mute people.

Honestly you'll have to forgive me for not agreeing with "why" this is such an issue but it seems so... overlooked. The Player's Guide also has specific instructions for a block feature and said nothing about having to go through xbox gamertags for it. So that might as well be properly updated if it's gonna be using this system.

Additionally, I feel like this would solve issues for a lot of roommates/housemates that play in close proximity but mute each others' party chats so they dont overlap and accidentally block each other for partying up or chatting in-game.

Anywho, thanks for reading. I welcome feedback.

I'm going to append the suggestion with the blacklist/block list entry from the player's guide:

You can kinda see the inconsistencies for yourself.