steam users dont have access to contact support

Hi i would appreciate if fellow steam users try to use this report function. Right now this is the most effective way to properly report players and the function is not working properly. I contacted sega and they said the problem was on my end, but i had multiple people tell me it doesnt work for them either. The only way it works for me is by login with xbox live.Would you guys give a try and give me some feedback. Epic Games players too.wewe.png qwqqw.png Inkedsteam log_LI.jpg report.jpg ss.png

EDIT: 07/21/21

I did find one friend that was able to get through without problems, but i have tried so many things to make steam login work; like clearing cache and cookies, tweaking steam configurations and switching web browsers and im still not able to access support with steam credentials.

Strange, following the first three pictures you posted but clicking on "Steam" instead of "Xbox Live" takes me to a '' page to enter my Steam username and password. Even if you didn't have a valid Steam account, I'd still think it would take you to this page...

It seems to work fine for me in both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. I've seen others report the same issues, however. Have you tried clearing your browser's temporary files (cache, cookies)? *Note that clearing cookies will log you out of everything you're currently logged into, so be sure you either know your passwords or have them saved in said browser before attempting.

If that doesn't fix it for you though, I'm honestly not really sure what the issue could be, myself...

i been having issues regarding this as well,i was wanting to send feedback but everytime i click on "player support" the website logs me out. this has been going on for a while now,this happens when i log in via steam btw,im unsure if it does it with the other versions. would love to have this fixed soon please...~

@XxNaHtExX i actually have a video of what happens and you get stuck an infinite loop that never takes you the submit a request option.

@Nekomia yes i believe fixing this issue is very important, in-game reporting sucks, at least make the only decent way you have of reporting work properly, yesterday i had 2 players sexually harassing a guildmate, she gave up on reporting because this site's steam support was not working for her either. Going off the game to report is already hassle to begin with, then you encounter this issues and people lose their motivation to do the right thing.

btw i suggest making an xbox account, if you are interested in reporting, it is a temp measure, until they fix this problem.