Please make the inaccessible content that already exists for PSO2 Classic available again.

I understand that New Genesis is your main priority now and you don't plan on making anything new for PSO2 Classic, but there is a ton of content that you have already created for Classic that is currently inaccessible. Please give us some way to access the Limited-Time Quests, Seasonal Urgent Quests, and the Partner Cards of Guest NPCs and Seasonal NPC variants.

For the Limited-Time Quests and Seasonal Urgent Quests, even if you can't get them to rotate in and out with the Seasonal Lobbies you could at least let us buy triggers for them from somewhere. Weapon Badges, Buster Medals, Prize Medals, Battle Coins, Challenge Miles, Casino Coins, Alliance Points, and FUN all have shops that you could throw these triggers in. You could do the same for the Guest and Seasonal NPC Partner Cards if you don't want to find a way to include the actual NPCs and their Client Order lines.

Well,Ngs is new. its going to be lacking with content for the next few months. all this may or may not be added at a later date,your just gonna has to wait like the rest of us. owo;;

I'm not asking for this stuff to be implemented into NGS, I'm asking for it to be made available in PSO2 Classic in some form again.

Reruns of old content would be cool. Wouldn't hold my breath for it but it would still be nice to cycle throughout the year so classic can change it up a bit for newer players and/or returners.