Expert Region Magan Increase to EXP Earnedto be applied

Screenshot 2021-07-19 184429.png

Spacing issues again huh?

always has been

This is beyond just spacing issues, these are the region wide mag buffs being applied and oh boy do they look auto translated.

Translation errors are par for the course for most games made in Japan, been like that for years.

True translations are hard especially into English because sentences like this exist

  • a woman without her man is nothing

All depending on where you put the punctuation going through tens of thousands of texts maybe more there will be mistakes

I fail to see how it's a translation error lol. If you actually translate the mag names from Japanese, you do not get the names we have for them in english. Prime example, the japanese name for the Invincible mag doesn't even translate in Google, Yandex translates it as "always win", Bing says "a constant win"... The priceless mag translates directly to "thousand gold"... Unless you can come up with a better name that conveys that meaning, "priceless" is what we have lmao. I have no reason to believe that there are any errors in translation with the mag names lol.

@Nemuri because sometimes words in other languages make no logical sense so they need to change them and using Google and or Bing is not a good suggestion on trying to translate something if I'm wrong feel free to correct what I say because trying to translate Japanese into English is a pain take 鬼斬 onigiri in English the discontinue game there's no way in English it means rice ball and then multiple meanings for the kanji