Nex Vera unusual fight pattern (Phase 2)

So I've encountered this issue twice now so I'm going to write this post just to reach out to see if anyone else has encountered it and see if it's becoming an common issue... (or an intentional secret mechanic? LOL)

Essentially, Nex Vera launches a large radius blast attack upon reaching enraged status (stage two). This attack then has a follow-up attack which is a targeted blast attack as opposed to a general blast. However, it has happened a second time now that the second follow-up blast has been cancelled. You would think that, because the first blast has occurred that Nex would just continue as normal... This is not the case. Later on in the fight, Nex will restart the entire attack for a second time. The first time this happened, it was cancelled by an elemental down. The second time it happened, Nex simply decided to adapt a different fight pattern before promptly restarting the blast attack.

So yeah, has anyone else encountered this because... I don't think it's supposed to work like that.

I have seen this happen a number of times too, I think its because someone messes up his aggro which in turn breaks the attack sequence. Anytime I'm in a good run Nex does all of his attacks as they should work, but in runs with bad players, his attacks get messed up a lot causing the boss to flail around more.

Interrupting the attack sequences with a down state would be considered normal, but those same attacks breaking from bad players needs to get fixed. The BP system was supposed to prevent issues in UQs with bad players, but some found a way in and are starting to make a mess of things again.

If you've been in resol forest, the one explosion thing is what it does when it's not a UQ boss. I assumed it's just the usual UQ boss random fuckery. A "gottem!" moment for the developers as it were.

I'm much more interested if the raining fire balls that randomly have no indicator and come down twice as fast as the once with indicators are a bug or, yes, another "gottem!" moment of a-hole developers. I'd guess "gottem!" since you can randomly have 0 or up to10 of them specifically targetting you. I assume there is a finite amount of them and they randomly choose a player to target and it's possible for all of them to target the same person, which almost guarantees that you're going to die, especially if the boss attacks you at the same time. Best case scenario to fulfill the only purpose something like this could have? Fire ball breath combo with randomly spawning fire balls raining on you. I'm sure it gets the developers to touch themselves thinking about the possibility.

To address your point quickly, LazerRay, the BP system is not to gate quote "bad players" unquote, but to stop players with a lack of; level; selected skill points; damage output; damage resistance; HP; PP; multiple or all of the previously mentioned. With that out of the way, I fail to see how "bad players" explain Nex Vera doubling down on its phase 2 attack.

maybe it is a gotcha... maybe it is haha.