[NGS] Alphabetical Emotes

It's just as it sounds add a feature that puts all emote into alphabetical order to make them a lot easier to search for and or folders that we can customise and name for me it's a massive pain to find emotes I'm looking for

  • I have 223 right now

Alphabetical is self-explanatory

I suggest something like this with the folders

  • Sitting emotes
  • photon chairs
  • table dance
  • sukunahime pose 2
  • shiva pose 2
  • ect

Example of customisable folder any emote that looks like you are sitting you could theoretically put into the Sitting folder

  • weapon emotes
  • sakura wars a
  • shiva pose 1
  • shiva pose 2
  • varuna pose
  • klariskrays the first pose 2
  • ect

Example of customisable folder any emote that has a weapon you could theoretically put into the weapon folder I think this would bebe a great slice of Life edition to the game and make people's lives easier

I was thinking about this the other day. It would be nice if we could organize the emotes ourselves. Currently it's built in and the only organization you can do is on your favorites list.

Would definitely like this in the game at some point.

@Zenny how many do you have

It would be nice. Hard to find emotes in my 30 full pages of emotes.

@Weirdo so you have 450 ish emotes nice

@Drakaina Yeah would be exactly 450 if you count react and impersonate.

Iā€™d like the emote numbers next to them, for easy reference

@Pariah-Chan what would the benefit be of having the numbers

The numbers are actually part of the emote ticket name, I think that was how they were supposed to be listed at one time (Note: the Rappy Chair emote is the only one with out a number)

Here is a list of every single emote in PSO2 in numerical order: https://rappy-burst.com/emotes/

@LazerRay oh damn that's a lot of emotes they should eventually add a functionality where you can purchase emotes for (insert currency icon)(insert price) and it get automatically redeemed making them cost xx price depending on circumstances what do you think

There should be a way to get emotes from old scratches and events, plus that list is not even fully complete since there are a bunch of emotes that where not released for the global version of PSO2 (If you look, you will see the gaps)

@Drakaina said in [NGS] Alphabetical Emotes:

@Zenny how many do you have

Not sure exactly. I'm sitting on 24 pages. I'm a bit more picky with my emotes and I usually only get ones that I think I'll use in some form.

@Drakaina Actually, a search function for the emotes would be quite great šŸ™‚

@Richter-Lion or the ability to rename them yourself

@Drakaina Mm; would require some more tweaking but definitely feasible šŸ™‚ so why not šŸ˜„