Azanami Boot Camps: Braver Trainer Client orders

The bootcamp missions for Azanami, including Boot Camp: Coast and Boot Camp: Dragon Altar, in which you are required to complete the missions on hard or higher with Azanami as your only partner are not completing on quest completion. I have beaten the mission in hard and very hard, as well as S rank both times, and the quests continue to sit incomplete.

After looking over the information from other sources, it looks like it should be "Complete in Super Hard."

Indeed, it looks like the coast and dragon altar versions of these quests need to be done in super hard difficulty or higher. Hope GMs would have a look at.

The Coast requires S Rank on Super Hard. I tried Hard with S, Very Hard with S, and Super Hard with A then I did it with S and it cleared.

This bug is still there.

Yep, this is still an issue. Here's the client order:


Buuut, when I checked at the Quest Counter, it's still like this:


So... Yeah.