We need a total Damage Resist %

Hi all,

I'm very new to PSO, I only reach level 55 on PSO2 a year ago when I gave it a go but I've been playing NGS since launch.

So after finally hitting my goal of 1400+BP I've noticed that not knowing how augments worked was the biggest mistake I was making (floor potency on armour mainly). But now I've found maybe my least favorable issue the game has for balancing out melee gear.

Does damage resistance work on weapons? Is my Damage resistance rounded up or down per part? If all of these things are true: what is my total damage resistance on my gear alone?

Is it too much to ask that we get implemented a damage resistance total alongside our potency totals?

It's fairly important for melee players, especially with the Sarga series saying it lowers your resistance but having no assuring way to see how close to 0% you are now without checking each piece. And as I said, if my units are rounded up, 3 units with 2.5% damager resistance will display as 3% and make me believe I'm at 1% damage resistance (after -8% from Straga) where really I will be at -0.5%. Moreover, if it doesn't work on weapons I would believe with a 2% Augment for damage resistance on my weapon id have a total of 3% and be plenty safe from the -8% when in reality if it doesn't work AND the units are rounded up I'm actually at 0.5% and I'm potentially wasting a slot where a more effective Augment could be used, maybe even a more efficient set of augments all together.

This would be a quality of life addition, it may be the ONLY stat in the game you are offered to use widely that you can't see the sum of without being smacked by an enemy over and over while making an average hit spreadsheet or something that excessive. And that's not even mentioning the Fixa's needing a place to total up too for all those hardcore min maxers.

Thanks for reading, I REALLY hope we can get this in the future. Imagine if they totalled up and displayed Melee and Range potency but not Tech - it's just daft not to have a DR one.

I have made a suggestion to add this in the stats window before.


@Weirdo I mean mine is about damage res and yours is about FP. And considering FP is still displayed on a weapon you can at least work out if it's affecting your weapon or not based on an actual visual representation. There isn't one at all for DR.

I had floor potency, damage resist, and critical rate.

Damage resist is present, its just a reminder to pop your profile up, its autobots prevention.

@MrBoomblam Could you post a picture of what you mean?

@RAVE The platform I play on is not PC but when you place augments on units (armor Im referring to) you will see the dmg resist modifications on the first tab. Some armor inherit a dmg resist and your extra tweaks will show the increase on top of it. I will snap a pic and update my post with it later.

Damage resist shows on units not on weapons but i could be wrong as the system still adds the stat even if you not able to see it on weapons.

Check your unit (armor) first page right below the your current armor defense number.

@MrBoomblam OP is not on about just armour though, We need more clarity on every stat calculated up to see what global increases/decreases there are on all gear.

Pretty much - I want to be able to answer someone that asks "how much damage resist have you got?" by just opening my stats screen. Not have to open each armour then count each one of my weapons augments + and - DR's and add them up to each of my armours. Its the same with floor potency. Both base-max weapon floor power total and damage res % total should be displayed under your potency on your stats screen. There is no excuse for not having these displayed. No one should have to be a min-max boffin with a spreadsheet with calculated damage for each weapon and PA to figure this stuff out.