[NGS] Massive Meseta

Hi everyone, I know I will a get a lot of hate for suggesting this but I've read that a lot of players were complaining about some players whose mesetas are being over 1M above making in-game item prices hike up and one of the reason for this is the spammable red box. I would like to suggest that instead of making it spammable, why not make it so that once a red box is already consumed, it should not appear on a different character but instead make the meseta shareable on all characters created. Sorry if this doesn't make sense as english is not my primary language.. Like for example:

Player creates Character A
Character A gets all the redbox (500k meseta + other items).
Player creates Character B
Red Boxes will not appear on character B since it was already consumed by Character A


Character B wants to buy item on shop but does not have Meseta

Player logs to character A then store some meseta Player logs to character B the retrieves the meseta.

Isn't above a balanced way for this instead of some players spamming character creation getting 500 meseta? I know I don't have the time to do this and some will just tell me that I just envy them, I mean what I'm suggesting is for the improvement of the current in game economy. I just hope that SEGA would change the red box behavior and would actually put sense on the purpose of restoring as retrieving meseta due to from what I heard, in order to transfer money from one character to another, players would sell something overly expensive, ex grinder for 400k a piece so that their second character can easily transfer money to their main.

That is all. I usually don't posts in forums but I want this game to be more player friendly and not be abused .. That is all. Thanks!

The red boxes are not the problem it is the personal shop you can sell anything on there for any price

There is already a way to transfer Meseta between characters on the same account, it has been there since PSO2 and its there in NGS, just drop off your meseta in the storage terminals on one character, then pick it up on another one on the same account. This is also how you can share items between characters on the same account since all but inventory and character storage are account based (note: you don't need the storage terminal to drop off or pick up items in NGS since you can do that from the menus now).

I have been doing this with both my characters in NGS, at the end of a session I drop off my N-Meseta in a storage terminal, and I pick it up when I login on either character on my next login. This shouldn't get flagged as suspicious activity on NGS since most things are now account based, and this allows me to use NPC services and the the personal shop with both of my characters.

I'm not generating extra meseta with this method, just bouncing it within the same account as needed, its just a shame other player got greedy and found an exploit with multiple accounts (something I will not do since the negatives out weight the positives).

The problem with the red boxes is not that players are using multiple characters. The red boxes are account-wide meaning even if you play on multiple ships the first character who breaks the red box will result in all characters (even on other ships) not having any more of that particular box to find.

The problem with the red boxes comes in where one account has access with the Player Shop, lists an item (like a Grinder for 400,000 Meseta), and then uses a wholly different account to speedrun and collect red boxes to buy that Grinder which then sends the Meseta to the main account. Players have been trying to speedrun this and the problem then is that a number of players are actively engaging in this - and if it's not just players then it is also the bots and scalpers who are doing this to feed themselves roughly 400,000 Meseta every 30-50 minutes.

I don't mean to discredit your suggestion, but the Storage Terminals just like Phantasy Star Online 2 allow you to store your Meseta so all characters on that ship can access it and the red boxes already work like you suggest (once Character A gets it Character B will never see that box and vice versa).