Questionaire: Why aren’t you buying anything?

So Sega is asking players why they’re not spending like in PSO2

After looking at the survey, I’d like to discuss everyone’s opinion on the matter. 🙂

It very simple for me, I don't have the budget right now, but once I do, I will renew my premium and poke AC scratches that interest me.

After chatting about it in the official discord, it seems that if you say you bought AC... it will just finish the survey. Like, if you want to give feedback and complain about no CAST parts or male suits, you got to say nope. Saying you bought DLC though? Why didn't you buy AC, why didn't you buy scratches, why no premium.

And if you want to give feedback about the economy, perhaps in Other you could try saying something about it like "Featured price at 500k makes it unsellable" or stuff like that...? I forgot about such creativity myself, but it was mentioned as we chatted over there.

And yes, this is all about paying stuff it seems. Who cares about making a survey on what we think about the current state of the game or cutting out stuff of the roadmap, right? Or asking about how would we like PSO2es given goods like the Mission Pass capsules that now drop there to be implemented in PSO2.

Even though I have premium I had to lie and say I didn't so I could leave the feedback that premium is indeed a POS.

Because there isn’t anything to freaking buy in a game where there isn’t freaking anything to play.

Now I have to lie to even tell them that. I am spending but barely anything compared to PSO2 because they’ve utterly failed to impress. Why should I spend money on an unfinished game? Haven’t we been burned enough by this kind of stuff already lately?

And finally most of the outfits are frankly ugly. I didn’t want them in base, I don’t want them now. I hate cut outs in clothes, I hate the direction of their designs, it’s the equivalent of freaking jorts and crocs. I’m not putting my character in that. Every girl with a NGS body is wearing one of two outfits; the wedding dress or the plaid dress. That should tell you there isn’t anything else to buy worth buying. Are we supposed to spend money anyway? And finally I paid for premium in PSO2 so I could gift my friends AC stuff I don’t want, now I can’t even trade. It’s not worth it to me.

I hope they sweat a while over this, they’ve pissed off a lot of customers and they’re voting with their wallets.

Rerun Aeros face or make N-Aeros face and ask for less than 100 USD to get it, then you have my money instantly, guaranteed. That's my opinion.

Like I wanna spend on NGS like I did on PSO2, but the clothing isn’t cutting it.

Maid outfit on NGS:


Maid outfit on PSO2:


One has a timeless look that’s worth wearing. The other looks undecided on the theme it was going for. XD

I’m saving up towards the Founder pack, but the AC stuff isn’t my thing.

Lack of good new outfits/basewears keep me from spending on NGS scratches. I like skimpy stuff or more casual cute outfits with a touch of sexualization. None of the NGS stuff really fits that bill for me. Its almost all sci-fi looking stuff which isn't the type of cosmetics I want. The new maid looking outfit is just a worse version of show off maid dress. The swimsuit thing has the ugly leggings and feet and I'd rather just use outlandish or one of the many old swimsuits.

When it comes to the emotes none of the new scratch stuff is good really. No good sexy dances or dances at all for that matter. A bunch of junk like look I can show my finger or 2 fingers or how about 4 fingers. It's all just lazy and low effort crap. Accessories aren't my thing I got those old bunny ribbons from mission pass and just use those and sometimes one of the starter glasses from old pso2. None of the new hair has interested me yet. NGS face looks like trash IMO so I just use an old face so those make ups, eye lashes, and eyes are worthless to me. They need to make some new NGS faces because the current ones I'll never use.

Yeah, the NGS stuff is hard to work with currently...


Sadly I can’t vouch for early PSO2 clothes as well. XD


It took PSO a while to make clothing that everyone was interested in.

Why would anyone in their right mind support a game that is the most lazy pile of trash with no content? They even want you to buy the same outfits again that they sold you a year ago, fully knowing NGS is around the corner and incompatible with the "new" body. There isn't even a way to upgrade existing stuff for the new bodytype. Also, removing the shop pass from fun/NGS in general means you kinda have to buy premium if you wanna make some ingame cash and even 10 bucks is too much for the current state of the game. Reading the news I am certain the only way of getting a proper game out of NGS is by forcing Sega to rethink their strategy by not spending any money on their product.

@Yui2387 yeah, the survey was wanting everyone’s opinion why you’re not spending.

I checked so many boxes... 😧


I do wonder how many people put "I don't play enough to justify purchases due to a lack of content" or a variant thereof in the "other" box.

I mean majority players are driven by stuff to do, not sitting around looking pretty. XD

Hopefully this survey is the red flag that tells us Sega is needing to listen. 🙂

Just finished the survey but I have to ask.

Why didn't sega hire a community manager of sorts to collect and pass on player feedback?

Reading threads from the last week on here/reddit, and from my own experience so far, it's pretty clear why the majority aren't putting any money into the game yet.

@FaeBerry A survey is more streamlined and makes it easier to collect information, and they have spots for people to type specific reasons in as they would in the forums. The forums are also not a representation of enough thoughts and feelings as most players of a particular game avoid the forums. There can be 10 million real players but you'd ever only see a handful voicing themselves here. Those others are much more likely to participate in a survey hosted on the official website rather than the game forums, where they are not in the public eye.