Questionaire: Why aren’t you buying anything?

i've spent AC on the new emote scratch but only due to having steam funds that i couldn't refund to my paypal, a shame that the shop has to cost IRL money now as i did get an emote that is very popular that i don't want. most of the AC i feel are not very interesting or lack a variety of fashion in NGS, i think i spent a little on AC in PSO2 but only due to there being way more variety in the tickets, though not much of it was appealing to me, so it's been easy to not spend much. have never whaled on this game, or owned premium either.

edit: as for survey can def agree that lack of masculine items and cast parts is a huge problem, i play as a female character but don't usually care about what is new and i feel like some of it could at least be for those two

Just hold on to it and hope they come to their senses and bring back shop passes.

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Gear is just a means to an end to me.

I always find this funny since the "challenging" things always have the best rewards. I wonder how many people clamouring for a challenge would even attempt to complete those challenges if they gave no exclusive rewards. If you would, i guess you're one in a million.


Typically those "best rewards" are literally used to better your chances against those challenges. Look at raid gear from any other MMO. Is it needed to defeat the initial bosses? No, of course not, or else nobody would ever be able to kill it. It is typically needed to delve further in to the more challenging bosses.

In the case of PSO those rewards are what give you a better chance at defeating the higher difficulties, they go hand in hand. Again, gear is a means to an end. So I'm not sure where your attitude is coming from here.

Someone who doesn't not succeed in defeating a challenge surely doesn't deserve the rewards from it. If you suddenly got the best loot just for failing a challenge a dozen times then it doesn't really mean anything anymore. The challenge is no longer a challenge because you simply out gear it.

EDIT - Also, a challenge without a reward is itself pointless. Gear and titles are how you "show off" your accomplishments, and a challenge without either is DOA. It's worth doing once to say you did it, but then never again. A prime example of this are the towers and cocoons.

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Them doing this questionnaire/survey Is a scary thought and has gotten me to personally questioning Pso2 NGS longevity??? Way to early for these type of situational questions from the developers. The reason I have come up with these questions on questions is because of the recycle content from base Pso2 to NGS when the community can obtain these items from the base game. Which is really just legacy cosmetics and signify that they have gotten lazy with development. Not to mention the upgrade version of dread to Gigantix of the same creatures skin. Starting to feel like lazy development and more of a money grab situation. I really hope this isn’t the case........but beginning to lean more to this hypothesis.

Well I’ve been here since the closed beta, so I’m willing to see how far this goes. 😉

Plus they already released a super powerful looking suit for you in SG scratch:


The ult version swells your muscles up to gigantic proportions! 😏

I’d love to take a screenshot of you wearing it for your forum pic! ❤

So just hold in there, and let’s see where this game goes. 🙂

I saw this posted on reddit and it gave me a good laugh. They're promoting some rappy pack through it as well as badgering you into why you wont buy AC. This doesn't even sound like SEGA anymore. Who are these people?

This is kind of like the movie ST: Generations when B4 keeps asking Why to all of Data's answers to his questions.

  • Will you buy my car? No

  • Why? Because I don't need one.

  • Why? Because I don't need one.

  • Why you don't want to buy my car? Because I don't need a car x_x

  • But I need you to buy my car, so will you buy? No.

  • What about my sideskirt deal? What?

Most of my answers on the survey were along the lines of "I don't have enough confidence in NGS to spend money yet/premium's not worth it/I don't buy scratch because I can't sell the duds on the market without premium".

It was kind of a shock to me to see the price tiers in the first question being like, <$10/mo as the lowest tier, then $10-$40/mo, and then there were 4 more categories or something capping out at something crazy like $350/mo iirc. If someone spends $40 a month on the game that's pretty huge imo (averaging out my PSO2 spending I'd probably be ~$10-$15/mo), so it's a little crazy to me that that's only considered by SEGA to be one tier up from the <$10 "might as well be F2P" tier.

I know that F2P games go after whales, but it felt really telling to see that the "middle tier" of spending in the survey was like $100/mo or something.

Yeah, I question if any put $5000/mo and meant it. XD

I think it honestly just depends on where you live and your lifestyle. A high cost of living area doesn’t see $100 as a lot of money compared to a low cost of living area. I’m not even joking, $100 is like 6-7 things at Whole Foods. It’s quite easy to see how your perception would be a bit warped after a while.

I’m a (former) whale. I spent too much money on PSO2, more than any other game. I was bored and I had the funds and PSO2 gave me something new and exciting to look forward to during the lockdowns. I still don’t exactly balk at the prices of NGS but I have other things that make me happier now, I can see my friends again! 😄

I’ve made mistake after mistake in the base game. I fell for the “it’s never coming back” trap multiple times. I overpaid for things long gone, far before the first Throwback collection. I never sold anything for profit, the panic of just getting enough meseta to buy X thing made me a terrible seller. 😛 but at least it made a lot of people happy.

I don’t need a game to make me happy anymore but I’m very attached to PSO2 because of the good memories. I don’t hold the same attachment to NGS and I guess the “spell” is broken. I know things always come back, even pre-PC things now. I think a lot of buyers feel this way now, maybe a little buyer’s remorse. Maybe there’s quite a few of us taking that survey right now swallowing a bitter pill.

Right now, I own one outfit on NGS so I could have the NGS body, I just don’t really care anymore. The designs are disappointing & lazy and I’m willing to be more patient with items because like I said, they always come back.

My reasons are probably pretty different than most people here (Or in general). What would make me spend on the game is having a premium subscription that would make everything obtainable in game. I'd stay subscribed indefintly and just play the game to earn things I want (Shocking, huh? lol) But I think that's pretty much not even a distant business model today. But it is still the way they will get my money every single month. I hate gachas. Let me play to earn things. Miss the PSU days!

They just need to put some really new exciting Cosmetics on the AC shop. Some real wow stuff and stop the recycling the same old Cosmetics. Let that stuff become super rare collectible which would give more meaning to base Pso2 original. Simplicity to Sega money issues........ I am concerned to why they would even think recycling of Cosmetics wouldn’t have this effect on NGS economy and their profits. Someone is on vacation over there.

Honestly, I wouldn't buy anything even if it was much cheaper and if the game had more content. I hate gambling, so I'm never going to take part in gambling in a video game. If you're spending hundreds just to get cosmetics in a video game then I think you have a problem, I can't see any situation where this kind of behaviour is healthy.

I would be happy to continue my premium though, all they have to do is make premium more appealing.

This game will most likely not be getting business from me again because they decided not to revive the remaining mission pass and fresh finds stuff. Something highly requested by people who played post-pc and steam release, but SEGA refused to listen to their customers.

Also, there are many non-collab scratch/campaign stuff still unreleased on base pso2 because they rushed out that unfinished mess of a game called NGS. We got no where near "all the content" that they told us we would be getting.

This survey was incredibly poorly handled, imo. I wanted to give feedback on a lot of things, but my survey was cut short because of my first few choices. People shouldn't have to falsify a bunch of answers just to give proper feedback on the things they want to...

Unfortunately since the only option I didn't check mark was dlc bundle packs I didn't have many questions to answer.

I will say that while I don't think the server contents itself is inherently bad I do think it's bad that they don't ask for feedback on how to improve the likelihood of buying said things. I'm very experienced when it comes to taking serveys for games and while they aren't usually detailed to that degree some have been and I wish more were.

Also it's kind of a big misstep on their part for this particular servey at this particular time. I don't think the game is bad or in a poor state like many others believe. But I can't deny that the first servey you release is about why people aren't spending money doesn't do anything but further hurt their current image.