NGS: Game crashes in North Aelio

In 0Northern Aelio on the Southern edge of the Altolani Plateau I can consistently get my game to crash is the same area. Near the top parts of both higher land points, my game will freeze indefinitely as far as I can tell. Below I've provided a map with the approximate problem location. So far, my game has crashed in that area 5 times. I've noticed some connection issues tonight that may contribute to the problem, but before today I was loading that area just fine. Hopefully a fix will be found. Thank you if you've seen this. Inkedpso20210718_234618_000_LI.jpg

I crash often in the same area of North Aelio, but I have crashed just about anywhere on the map. I know at least three of my friends crash there quite often. I will not be playing in North Aelio for the time being.

Can confirm this happened three times today, on two different characters. Two crashes shortly after teleporting there, one crash after simply running in that direction.