PSO2 NGS Biggest Issues Lists

Hey, I decided to make a Google Doc with what I consider some of the biggest issues with NGS, while there are other things that I would like changed, I believe just listing the big ones is for the best. I encourage other people to do the same so we can show exactly what we think are the most important things to be changed. (I mean make your own lists using either the forums formatting or Google Docs, my doc isn't available to leave comments in or edit)

This thread is only to post our biggest issues organized into full listings so what everyone thinks are the biggest failures of the game are thoroughly expressed in a completely thought out way. I want people to express their opinions as a list, and not directly in a response to others posts on this thread. If you want more discussion of a particular topic you feel needs it, I urge you to either make your own thread, or find one that already exists if a thread already exists for it.

Anyway here's my Google Doc

I don't see "Missing Taco Tuesday" on that list.