Then look no more! The team Easygoing will take you in.

Are you a solo player?

Do you like to be in control of your points?

Do you like your current team of 2-3 people?

It would really suck to not get the rewards right? You are welcome to join Easygoing for the rewards which are given out on the 31st and then leave after. There is however one condition, this is to gain Alliance Points during this time. You can do this one of two ways; play with other team members or doing Client Orders, both are preferred, the more points the better. Our Piccollo Jr needs tro grow! You don't have to play with others though if your a solo player but if so then please do the alliance client orders, anything you can do to give us alliance points for letting you recrieve rewards just to leave. If you however decide to stay on after being in the Alliance then you are also welcome to do so!

The Alliance Rewards on the 31st: SG20 Ticket & Emote 478

You can contact me in-game via the visiphone, forum PM, Discord DM or message me through xbox.