FIeld of View

We need to be able to change FOV like pc.

@AhlmightyHammer We can't really control the FOV much, the only way we can get precise control over it is with a mod. Otherwise the only way we change the camera distance does the exact same thing as the option the bind you can also set in controllers does except it uses the numpad, it's the exact same thing and resets every time you close the game though. camdistance.png

I had to plug keyboard in and hit the + and - buttons ok kb for some reason i was zoomed in all the way

I would like to change the fov. Between boss zoom out and regular fighting like let me pick. During pse bursts I would like to zoom out to boss mode, during regular fights I don't mind the closeness.

There is a mod for this, but as they say use it at your own risk.

Though of course having a FOV selection officially done would be great.